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SSR-marker data in the public domain of the European Vitis Database

  • After data delivery by the partners of the EU project GrapeGen06 (2010), a process of quality checking is ongoing and the data may still contain some errors.
  • In order to access the data you must first subscribe. For this purpose write to Franco Röckel - indicating your contact data (institution adress, street, city, country). For login via home page, user name and password will be sent to the applicant.
  • If significant corrections on SSR-marker data were made users are informed.

By subscribing, the user agrees

  • not to use the data for commercial purposes
  • not to pursue the database owner if mistakes bring him problems or financial losses
  • that the login and password are personal and are not transferable to other persons or institutions
  • to be responsible for his interpretation of the extracted data
  • that in case of data use the European Vitis Database and the EU project GrapeGen06 and eventual individual data sources have to be mentioned as:
    • (1) European Vitis Database (, �JKI 2007 - 2011
    • (2) Bacilieri R. and This P. 2010 : GrapeGen06, an European project for the management and conservation of grapevine genetic resources (
    • (3) curators and institutes of individual data sources, found via �holding institution� on the SSR-marker data page.

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