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Remarks to prime names and institute codes


World Information and Early Warning System (WIEWS) - Institute codes are part of the FAO / Bioversity Multi Crop Passport Descriptor list, which have been internationally agreed to harmonize plant genetic resources databases worldwide and simplify data exchange. If new Institute Codes are required, they can be generated online by national WIEWS administrators, or by the FAO WIEWS administrator []

Prime names:
Principles employed for cultivar name registration in the database.

1. If several names (synonyms) of one grapevine cultivar are known, it is necessary to define a prime name:
  • as prime name the name of the cultivar in its (probable) country of origin is considered
  • if the origin of the cultivar is uncertain the name under which the cultivar is the most widespread is chosen as prime name
  • all further names are registered as synonyms
Example: Pinot noir: synonyms are, for instance, Spätburgunder blau, Auvernat etc.

2. The prime name of a grapevine cultivar is always accompanied by the berry colour, using:
  • Blanc (B)      = white
  • Rose (RS)    = pink
  • Rouge (RG) = red
  • Gris (G)       = gray-red
  • Noir (N)       = bluish-black
Example: Pinot noir N

3. If a prime name is composed out of name of the cultivar plus descriptor, e. g. ripening time, berry colour, they are arranged in the following order:
  • prime name - descriptor - berry colour
Example: Pinot precoce noir N

4. The following rules are applied if the prime name of a cultivar consists of the breeders name or location and breeding number:
  • The breeders name or location has to be written in full form and is mentioned in the first place.
Example: Kober 5 BB N, Geilweilerhof 1- 23-13 B

5. The prime name is indicated without genera if the species is part of the prime name.
    Example: Rupestris du Lot, not: V. rupestris du Lot

    6. All language-specific symbols (accent, cedilla, tilde, dieresis) of prime names are omitted.

    7. Prime names of cultivars given in Cyrillic letters are transliterated by using rules of Chemical Abstracts.

    Example: Magaracha rannii N

    8. Tetraploid cultivars are additionally marked (4N)

    Example: Chasselas blanc B (4N)

    9. If a cultivar is the descendant of different species it is registered as Interspecific crossing in the field Vitis species.

    Seibel 1 N is a cross of Jaeger 70 x Cinsaut and therefore registered as Interspecific crossing in the field Vitis species

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