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Common passport descriptors :
Accession name41 B
Color of berry skinblack
Variety name41 B = Millardet et de Grasset 41 B
Accession numberFRA139-9094Mtp24
Acquisition date20050407  
Holding institutionFRA139
Subtaxa autority
Country of origin of the varietyFRANCE
PedigreeChasselas x Berlandieri
Year of breeding
Use (crop name)ROOTSTOCK
Donor institute code
Decoded breeding instituteMillardet et Grasset
Decoded donor instituteENTAV - Domaine de l'Espiguette
MLS Status
AEGIS Status0 - not part of AEGIS
Trueness to typenot checked
Remarks to the accession name
Questionable variety
Characterisation data
Virus status  
Additional information
Last update21.03.2013

Passport descriptors encompassing :
    collected material, biological status, germplasm storage, etc.
Biological status416
Germplasm storage20
Collecting numberEntav 13-2005
Collecting institute code
Country of originFRANCE
Location of collecting site
Longitude of collecting site
Latitude of collecting site
Elevation of collecting site
Collecting date of sample
Collecting/acquisition source40
Donor accession number
Other identification numbers9094Mtp24
Collecting institute code
Decoded collecting institute
Decoded safety duplication location
Accession URL
Confirmation by amelographyyes
Confirmation by SSR-markersno
Confirmation by bibliography
Bibliography (volume)
Bibliography (page)
Confirmation by others

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