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Common passport descriptors :
Accession name41 B clone n195 CTPS
Color of berry skinblack
Variety name41 B = Millardet et de Grasset 41 B
Accession numberFRA139-9094Mtp22
Acquisition date
Holding institutionFRA139
Subtaxa autority
Country of origin of the varietyFRANCE
PedigreeChasselas x Berlandieri
Year of breeding
Use (crop name)ROOTSTOCK
Donor institute code
Decoded breeding instituteMillardet et Grasset
Decoded donor instituteANTAV ORIGINE CTPS N 195
MLS Status
AEGIS Status0 - not part of AEGIS
Trueness to typeyes
Remarks to the accession name
Questionable variety
Characterisation data
Virus status  
Variety number VIVC7736  
Additional informationVitis International Variety Catalogue
Last update22.03.2013

Passport descriptors encompassing :
    collected material, biological status, germplasm storage, etc.
Biological status416
Germplasm storage20
Collecting number
Collecting institute code
Country of originFRANCE
Location of collecting site
Longitude of collecting site
Latitude of collecting site
Elevation of collecting site
Collecting date of sample
Collecting/acquisition source40
Donor accession number
Other identification numbers9094Mtp22
Collecting institute code
Decoded collecting institute
Decoded safety duplication location
Accession URL
Confirmation by amelographyyes
Confirmation by SSR-markersyes
Confirmation by bibliography
Bibliography (volume)
Bibliography (page)
Confirmation by others

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